Grant Recipients

The Halle Institute for Global Research fosters and supports global research opportunities for faculty and students. The participants in our programs and their wide variety of projects help illustrate the broad scope of our mission to ensure that global research opportunities are available to all nine Emory schools and to all disciplines.

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Collaborative Research Grants

University of Bonn Collaborative Research Grant

Year Emory Researcher Emory School Bonn Researcher Project Title
2021 Rune Nyord Emory College of Arts and Sciences Ludwig Morenz Hermeneutics of death. Methodological challenges and opportunities in translating Egyptian funerary texts
2020 Jennifer Ayres Candler School of Theology Hubertus Roebben Religion and the Cultivation of Ecological Consciousness: Place, Narrative, and Performance
2020 Tamara Caspary School of Medicine Dagmar Wachten Compartmentalized Ciliary Signaling: In Vitro Models to Study Polycystic Kidney Disease
2020 William Shafer School of Medicine Hoerauf Achim Efficacy of the antibiotic Corallopyronin A against the sexually transmitted infections gonorrhea and chlamydia


São Paulo State Research Foundation (FAPESP) Collaborative Research Grant

Year Emory Researcher FAPESP Researcher Title of Proposal
2018 Natalia Bueno, Emory College Department of Political Science Ciro Biderman, Getulio Vargas Foundation There is no Place like Home: A Study of Slum Housing Improvement in Brazil
Raul Nogueria, Emory School of Medicine
Adriana Bastos Conforto, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo
Neuroprotective effects of neuromodulation in acute stroke
Eric Weeks, Emory College Department of Physics
René Alfonso Nome Silva, UNICAMP
Rotational Diffusion in Two-Dimensional Colloidal Glasses
2017 Nicole Gerardo, Emory College Department of Biology

André Rodrigues, São Paulo State University, Rio Clara

Parasite in ant gardens: exploring hostparasite interactions in fungus-farming ants
2017 Vicki Hertzberg, Emory Woodruff School of Nursing Maria T. Zanetta, University of São Paulo School of Public Health A university exchange plan to develop a common protocol for studying acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease incidence and prevalence among agricultural workers in Florida, US, and São Paulo, Brazil
2016 Brian Dias, Emory School of Medicine and Yerkes National Primate Research Center Newton Canteras, University of São Paulo Neuroepigenetic mechanisms underlying intergenerational inheritance of negative emotional states
2016 Raymond Schinazi, Emory School of Medicine, Emory Center for AIDS Research, Yerkes National Primate Research Center Suzanne Kioko Ono, University of São Paulo Discussion of research projects involving chronic hepatitis B and C antiviral treatment
2015 Thomas Rogers, Emory College, Department of History, and Michael Page, Emory College Department of Environmental Sciences and the Center for Digital Scholarship Maximiliano Menz, Federal University of São Paulo Mapping São Paulo: A University Exchange to Plan a Digital Atlas for Urban Spatial History
2015 Uriel Kitron, Emory College Department of Environmental Sciences, and Ana Teixeira, Emory College Department of Spanish and Portuguese Lincoln Susedek, Butantan Institute and Museum of Public Health Mosquitos and Disease in the City: A Study of Public Health and its Representation in São Paulo, Brazil


Halle Foundation Collaborative Research Grant

Year Emory Researcher Emory School German Institution Researcher Title of Proposal
2022 Mariana Candido Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Mariana Armond Dias Paes

Africans in Colonial Courts: Agency, Gender, and the Rule of Law in Angola and Cape Verde, 1800-1950s
2022 Samuel Sober Emory College of Arts and Sciences

 Graziana Gatto

Decoding the basic units of movement
2021 Emily Burchfield Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Tobia Lakes, Humboldt-University Berlin; Silke Hüttel, University of Bonn

Supporting Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes in the EU and US
2021 William Wuest

Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Stephan Sieber, Technical University of Munich Identification of New Antibacterial Targets Via an Interdisciplinary Collaboration
2020 Thomas Gillespie

Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Simone Sommer, University of Ulm; Gábor Czirják, Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Predicting Multi-Host, Multi-Pathogen Dynamics in Response to Anthropogenic Disturbance
2020 Debjani Sihi Emory College of Arts and Sciences Marion Schrumpf 
Max-Planck-Institute (MPI) for Biogeochemistry; 
Roland Baatz, Agrosphere Institute
Modeling Soil Carbon for Climate-Smart and Sustainable Future

Nanjing University Collaborative Research Grant

Year Emory Researcher Emory School Nanjing  Researcher Project Title
2021 Carl Yang Emory College of Arts and Sciences Yuan Yao Federated Learning on Graph Data: Utility, Efficiency, and Privacy
2019 Zhaohui Qin Rollins School of Public Health Jinping Yang  Novel computational methods for deconvoute bulk RNA-sequencing data and identifying cellular target of kidney disease.
2019 Eri Saikawa  Emory College of Arts and Sciences Tijiang Wang  Workshop on air pollution, climate change and health


University of Queensland Collaborative Research Grant

Year Emory Researcher Emory School Queensland Researcher Project Title
2022 Arber Tasimi Emory College of Arts and Sciences Mark Nielsen Children’s moral reasoning about the environment: A cross-cultural investigation
2022 Michele Sumler
School of Medicine Adriana Penman Simulation-based learning
2021 Irene Browne Emory College of Arts and Sciences Rennie Lee Immigrant Women in the United States and Australia: The Role of Immigration Policy Regimes, Gender, and Family Networks
2021 Joanna Goldberg School of Medicine Timothy Wells Treatment of chronic bacterial infection in Cystic Fibrosis
2020 Julie Kable School of Medicine Natasha Reid Web-based GoFAR: Development and pilot Testing of an Online Intervention Platform
2020 Andrew Miller School of Medicine Susannah Tye Immunometabolic Biomarkers of Treatment Response in Depression


University of St Andrews Collaborative Research Grant

Year Emory Researcher Emory School St Andrews Researcher Project Title
2022 Laura Finzi Emory College of Arts and Sciences  Paolo Annibale Identification of proteins that buffer nuclear cAMP to regulate signaling: from singlemolecule assays to intact cells
2022 Kristin Williams Emory College of Arts and Sciences  Jason Jacques Considering Household Division of Labor when Engaging Civic Participation in Environmental Stewardship
2021 Miriam Udel Emory College of Arts and Sciences  Emily Finer Traveling With Languages: Translation and Migration
2020 Solveig Argeseanu Cunningham Rollins School of Public Health Jo Mhairi Hale Implications of Covid-19 Mitigation Measures for Mental Health of Older Adults in the U.S. and U.K
2020 Astrid Prinz Emory College of Arts and Sciences  Stefan Pulver Sodium pumps as emergency brakes in the brain
2019 David Civitello Emory College of Arts and Sciences  Andrew Brierley Combining research expertise to fight the debilitating parasitic disease schistosomiasis, improving human health and wellbeing in Africa and beyond


Tel Aviv University Collaborative Research Grant

Year Emory Researcher Emory School Tel Aviv Researcher Project Title
2022 Wei Zhou School of Medicine Rina Rosin-Arbesfeld The interplay between lung cancer SOX genes and Wnt signaling
2021 Joel LeMon Candler School of Theology Dalit Rom-Shiloni Conceptualizing Nature in Eastern Mediterranean Cultures
of the 2nd–1st Millennia BCE: The Use of Textual and Pictorial Evidence
2021 Nicholas Seyfried School of Medicine Abdussalam Azem Elucidating the Cellular Functions of Timm50 in Neurons and Astrocytes
2021 Joanna Shepherd School of Law Ronen Avraham COVID-19 and Litigation Funding: The Impact on Funders’ Behavior and Consumers’ Welfare
2020 Harshita Mruthinti Kamath Emory College of Arts and Sciences Ilanit Shacham Dangerous to Auspicious: Vernacular Transformations of an Indian Epic
2020 Edward Mocarski School of Medicine Motti Gerlic Programmed Cell Death Pathway in Virus-Triggered Lung Inflammation
2020 Lynne C. Nygaard Emory College of Arts and Sciences Zohar Eitan Mapping Sound to Meaning in Music and Speech
2019 Khalid Salaita  Emory College of Arts and Sciences Ronen Zaidel-Bar Revealing the biomechanical signaling differences between Pcadherin and E-cadherin
2019 Dietrich Stout Emory College of Arts and Sciences Ran Barkai Skilled practice, culture and cognition in the Paleolithic: novel approaches to understanding stone handaxe manufacture and use at two Israeli Acheulian sites
2019 Nic Vega Emory College of Arts and Sciences Gili Bisker Monitoring worm gastrointestinal dynamics using fluorescent single-walled carbon nanotubes


University of Witwatersrand Collaborative Research Grant

Year Emory Researcher Emory School Witwatersrand Researcher Project Title

Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi

Emory College of Arts and Sciences Brett Pyper

 #JustAndEquitableNow: Reimagining Arts and Humanities in Our Universities


Deepika Koganti Randi Smith

School of Medicine

Rachel Moore

Evaluation of Different Service Models to Determine Optimal Global Trauma and Emergency Surgery Care


Yonsei University Collaborative Research Grant

Year Emory Researcher Emory School Yonsei Researcher Project Title
2022 Pablo Montagnes Emory College of Arts and Sciences Jin Yeub Kim Voting Rules and Bargaining in Governance Arrangements for Organizations
2022 Hwisang Cho Emory College of Arts and Sciences Jamie Jungmin Yoo Decolonizing the Study of Korean Books
2021 Wesley Longhofer Goizueta Business School Jae-Yun Ho A comparative study of entrepreneurial ecosystems and social innovation in Korea and the United States
2021 Phillip Zhe Sun School of Medicine Dong-Hyun Kim Artificial intelligence (AI)-boosted epilepsy MRI at ultra-high field
2020 Sung Jin Park School of Medicine Chang Ho Sohn Development of Sinoatrial Node on a Chip
2019 Jenny Wang Medina Emory College of Arts and Sciences Miseong Woo Performative space: constructing Korean futures on the historical landscape of Seoul
2018 Yang Liu Rollins School of Public Health Jhoon Kim The Impact of Transboundary PM2.5 Pollution from China to South Korea: A Satellite View
2018 Michael Page Emory College of Arts and Sciences Youn-ah Kang Towards a Visual Analytics Approach to the Historical Mapping of Cities
2018 Karen Rommelfanger School of Medicine So Yoon Kim Incorporating Cross-cultural Methodologies for Global Neuroethics Education: A Pilot Project
2017 Peter Roberts  Goizueta Business School Semee Yoon Specialty Coffee and Sustainable Economic Development: Connecting Roasters and Consumers to Farms and Cooperatives
2017 Eri Saikawa  Emory College of Arts and Sciences Jinkyu Hong Uncertainty Quantification of Air Pollution  Modelling in East Asia
2016 Dong Moon Shin School of Medicine Soonmyung Paik Molecular Characterization and Treatment of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC) Patients with Diverse Ethnic Background
2016 Young-sup Yoon  School of Medicine Seung-Woo Cho Direct Cellular Reprogramming for Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering


Global Perspectives on Race+, Ethnicity+, and Nation+

Year Emory Researcher Emory School Project Title
2022 Sameena Mulla Emory College of Arts and Sciences Doing Gender, Making Nation: Discourses of PCOS in India
2022 Tehila Sasson Emory College of Arts and Sciences The Politics of Financial Exclusion in Britain, 1960s-2000s
2021 David Barba Emory College of Arts and Sciences Undocumented Mexicans reacclimate to the challenges of living in Mexic oafter being deportedfrom the United States.
2021 Laura Emmery Emory College of Arts and Sciences Music and Nationalism: Yugoslav Musical Identity
2020 Bin Xu Emory College of Arts and Sciences  How to Say “Black Lives Matter” in Chinese?: A Debate over Race in a Transnational Public Sphere


Rethinking Global Inequalities

Year Emory Researcher Emory School Project Title
2020 Michelle Armstrong-Partida Emory College of Arts and Sciences  Singlewomen: Enslaved and Free in the Late Medieval Mediterranean


URC-Halle International Research Awards

in partnership with the University Research Council (URC)

Year Awardee Project Title
2023 Maren Jill Adams New Technologies of Transmission in Post-Bomb Japan
2023 David Guillermo Barba Volver [Return]: a documentary feature film about returnee migrants to Mexico
2023 Bumyong Choi Examining the Impact of Critical Race Pedagogy on Korean Language Teachers and Learners
2023 Aisha Finch Cimarronas: Black Feminist Thought, World-Making, and Historical Memory in the Caribbean and Latin America
2023 Arun W. Jones Scottish Subjects in North Indian Kingdoms, 1866 - 1947
2023 Jinsook Kim Sticky Activism: Online Misogyny and Feminist Anti-Hate Activism in South Korea
2023 Brian Vick The Internationalization of Science and Politics in the Nineteenth Century
2022 Adriana Chira In the Plantations? Shadows: Black Peasants and Land Ownership by Possession in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Spanish Equatorial Guinea, 1850-1950
2022 Clifton C. Crais Born in Blood
2022 Jason Francisco Reading (past) the Surfaces
2022 Mónica García Blizzard Neorealism and Mexican Cinema 
2022 Jehu J. Hanciles A Study of the African Immigrant Contribution to American Religious Life and the Implications for Understanding New Trajectories in American Christianity 
2022 Adam Mirza Musical Hybridity in Contemporary Composition
2022 James H. Morey The Prick of Conscience Window
2022 Cassandra Quave Targeting ESKAPE pathogens with Egyptian medicinal plants
2022 Chris Suh East Goes West, Back to East: The Korean American Diaspora in the US-Occupied South Korea, 1945-1948 
2021 Michelle Armstrong-Partida Concubinage in the Late Medieval Mediterranean
2021 Paul Buchholz Relations of Desolation: Collectivity in Narratives of Environmental Crisis
2021 Jessica K Fairley Describing the role of WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) and potential environmental reservoirs in leprosy transmission
2021 Emily Kalah Gade Ideology, Pro-government Militia and State Repression
2021 Thomas Gillespie & Timothy Read Metagenome-Wide Characterization of Antimicrobial Resistance in Rural Madagascar within a One Health Framework
2021 Stephen D. O'Connell Ethnic Diversity, Economic Integration of Refugees, and Firm Behavior: Insights from a field study in Southeastern Turkey
2021 Miriam Udel Umbrella Sky: Children's Literature and Modern Jewish Worldmaking
2021 Tiphanie Yanique Happy Life: Essays on How the Black Body Attains Happiness in the Outside World
2020 Hwisang Cho The Tales of the Master: Transmedia Storytelling and the Materiality of Charisma in Korea, 1570–1975
2020 Astrid M. Eckert Germany and the Global Commons: Environment, Diplomacy, and the Market
2020 Lydia Fort The Life-Cycle of Eco-Theater Practice: Researching and Producing the Play Mlima's Tale by Lynne Nottage
2020 Seth Joshua Goss Testing an information-based model of the perception of nonnative speech prosody
2020 Timothy Holland Divided Cinema: On the work and legacy of Marie-Claire Ropars-Wuilleumier
2020 Helen Jin Kim A Matter of World Affairs: Gender and Capitalism in the Largest Church.
2020 Hong Li Investigating Parental Motivations Behind the Decision by Chinese Parents to Send Their Children to Study at Emory University
2020 Xochiquetzal Marsilli-Vargas Silencing as Care: Narratives in Minors’ Asylum Petition Cases
2020 Pablo Palomino Carnivore Capitalism: A Global Cultural History of Argentine Beef
2020 Anne Piantadosi, Matthew Collins, Jesse Waggoner Vertically integrated emerging arboviral surveillance in western Colombia
2020 Renard Sexton South China Sea Data Initiative
2019 Scott Kugle Singing Submission: Understanding Qawwali, the Sufi Music of India
2019 Sergio Moya The Logic of Sensationalism: Approaches to Art and Death in the Americas
2019 Ellie Schainker Rites of Empire: Jewish Religious Reforms in Imperial Russia, 1850-1917
2018 Laura Emmery A Study in Sketches: Compositional Process in Elliott Carter's String Quartets
2018 Danielle Jung Improving Institutional Performance and Reducing Election Fraud in Afghanistan
2018 Yang Liu Evaluating Satellite-based PM2.5 Air Quality Models in Urban East Asia
2018 Walter Melion Motus mixti et compositi: The Portrayal of Mixed and Compound Emotions in the Visual and Literary Arts of the Low Countries, 1500-1640


Fulbright Distinguished Chairs

Year Fulbright Commission Visiting Scholar Emory Department/School
Spring 2024 India Melari Shisha Nongrum TBD
Fall 2023 Brazil Monica Okamoto Spanish & Portuguese
Fall 2023 Korea Soo Yeon Kim Film and Media Studies
Fall 2023 South Africa Dustin van der Haar Sport Performance and Research Center;
Spring 2023 India Sumit Baudh Institute for the Liberal Arts
Fall 2022 Korea Hye Jun Park Sociology
Fall 2022 Brazil Guilherme de Sousa Ribeiro Environmental Sciences 
Spring 2022 Korea Mira Oh Lingustics and REALC
Fall 2021 South Africa Yolanda Van der Vyer Law
Fall 2021 Brazil Simone Motta Yerkes and Spanish & Portuguese
Fall 2020 Brazil Suzane Ono Laboratory of Biochemical Pharmacology
Spring 2020 Brazil Pedro Duarte Spanish & Portuguese
Spring 2020 Korea Miseong Woo Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Spring 2019 Brazil Daria Jaremtchuk Art History
Fall 2018 Brazil Ruben Oliven Anthropology
Fall 2017 Brazil Benito Schmidt History


Undergraduate Global Research Fellows

in partnership with the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry

Year Research Country Awardee Project Title
2022 Poland, Germany Sophia Bereaud

Within and Without the Nation: Polish Gay Solidarity 

2022 Nepal Lucia Buscemi

 The World’s Highest Garbage Dump: The Role of Sherpas as Environmental Protectors of Mount Everest

2022 France Isabel Coyle

 Immigration and assimilation: How economics, demographics, and racism shaped French immigration policy during the 1960s and 70s

2022 Colombia Nicole Felix-Tovar

 The COVID-19 Pandemic amidst Protests in Colombia: Lived Experiences, Attitudes, and Perspectives of Colombians

2022 United Kingdom Edina Hartstein

 The British Empire's Influence on The League of Nation's Trafficking Protocol

2022 United Kingdom Kendall Hauerwas

 The Grunwick Strike and the Politics of Organized Labour

2022 Ecuador Ruth Korder

 Mapping Genetic Diversity Within Ecuador Through the Sequencing of Ancient Ecuadorian Genomes

2022 Taiwan Justin Li

 Culture and Prestige in Taiwanese Public School Lunches

2022 Philippines Danielle Mangabat

 Resisting Colonial Legacies: An Assessment of Decolonial Practices and Attitudes in the Philippines through Reproductive Health Movements

2022 United Kingdom, France Jeffrey Rosen

 Nostalgia and Performance in the works of Virginia Woolf and Édouard Manet

2022 United Kingdom Caleb Sanders

 The Utility in Surveillance: Revisiting a Foucauldian Account of Bentham’s Panopticon and Other Unpublished Works

2021 Ireland Stephen Altobelli

Boredom in the work of Samuel Beckett

2021 France Bronwen Boyd

The Signares of Senegambia: Slavery, "Progress," and the French Colonial Project in the Nineteenth Century

2021 Russia Ellie Coe

Unlikely Friendships: The Little-Known Meetings of Cosmonauts and Astronauts in the Early Space Age

2021 Brazil Sabrina Jin

The Effect of Racialized Covid-19 Discourses on the Mental Health of Chinese Immigrants and Brazilians of Asian Descent

2021 United Kingdom Alex Levine

Dueling Dragons: Examining Welsh National Identity Through Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century British Imperial Involvement in China

2021 Taiwan Annie Li

A Comparative History of the Activism of Chinese American Churches and Taiwanese Churches

2021 United Kingdom Willie Lieberman

English Femininity in Purcell's Operas

2021 Germany Olivia Milloway

Linkages between land-use and microbiome composition in the common vampire bat

2021 Germany Julien Nathan

Who is the Nation: Analyzing the Relationship Between Gastarbeiter and the New Left Student Movement, 1960-1973

2021 Nepal Shreya Sharma

A Political Economy Approach to Understanding Abortion Attitudes in Kathmandu, Nepal

2021 Turkey Isha Soni

The Right to Learn: How Nationalism Affects Education Quality and Practices for Refugees in Turkey

2021 South Korea Jiin Woo Public Art and the Mental Life in Seoul: Building Mental Health into Urban Design
2021 Costa Rica Imani Wright The Implementation of Sustainable Development Initiatives in Curridabat, San Jose in Costa Rica
2020 Croatia/ Netherlands Tara Djukanovic

Blurring The Line: How Migration Impacts Existing Inter-Ethnic Relationships In Serbia

2020 China Vincent Fan The Hanfu Movement In China: Cultural Renaissance And Renovated Fashion
2020 Mexico Nayive Gaytán Tourism And A Telenovela: Representations Of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico
2020 Morocco Maddie Haden Borders To Health: Socio-Health Dynamics Within The Sub-Saharan Migrant Communities In Morocco
2020 Costa Rica Christie Jones Land-Use As A Factor In The Re-Emergence Of Rabies In Costa Rica
2020 South Africa Faith Kim Monumental Interplays: How Virtual Encounters Affect Understandings Of The Voortrekker Monument And Freedom Park In South Africa
2020 United Kingdom Shreya Pabbaraju Partitioning Body And State: How Nationalism, Religiosity, And Gender Affect Public Opinion Toward Violence Against Women In India
2020 USA/ Mexico Kassie Sarkar Where Do I Fit: Stories Of Racial Identity, Resistance, And Community Belonging In Biracial South Asian Americans
2019 South Korea Mary Bohn Rightful Citizens vs. Exotic "Other": Contradictions and Liminality in Seoul's North Korean Defector Community
2019 Morocco Rizky Etika Moroccan Architectural Influences in the Fox Theatre
2019 China/Burma Junyi Han From Soldiers to Refugees: The Chinese WWII Veterans in Burma
2019 Brazil Aleksei Kaminski Institutions and Marginalization: A Discourse in Shifting Voting Behavior in Brazil
2019 Australia Rachael Lewis Understanding the Connection between Mental Health and Malnutrition of Indigenous Children in Australia and the South Pacific
2019 South Africa Darien "Penny" McElwee Childhood in Black and White: A Cross-Cultural, Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Prenatal Depression on Child Development
2019 France Sophia Minnillo Relation between Oral Proficiency and Course Level: An Investigation of French Second Language Acquisition in American Undergraduate Courses
2019 Israel Xavier Sayeed Contemporary Israeli Andalusian Orchestra of Ashdod, which Recreates Judeo-Arabic Music Originating in Medieval Andalusia, Spain
2019 Ukraine Daniel Thomas A more convincing explanation for the bloodbath in the Donbas: the region’s fraught history of economic depression during the post-Soviet period (1991-present day).
2019 Russia Kira Tucker Poems without a Hero: A Comparative Analysis of Aesthetic Production Amid the Absurd in the Poetry of Anna Akmatova and Natasha Tretheway
2018 Brazil Christopher Batterman A Brazilian Opera in Italy or an Italian Opera in Brazil? Considerations on Carlos Gomes’ II Guarany (1870)
2018 Israel/ United Kingdom Beatrix Conti The Sassoon Family: From Essential Outsiders to Insiders of Empire
2018 Brazil Daniella Gonzalez Defining Family Planning in a Healthcare Clinic of São Paulo
2018 Brazil Alexandra Llovet Stigma Continuity of Leprosy in Brazil
2018 Belgium Cana McGhee Language Landscapes: Symbolism, Mélodie, and Using French in the Fin-de-siècle
2018 Greece Camila Reed-Guevara Seneca’s Stoicism:  The Ancient Case for the Unethical Nature of Slavery and the Divine Right to an Education
2018 United Kingdom Zachary Shuster Rashi’s Influence on Nicholas of Lyra and the Wycliffite Translations of the Psalms
2018 France

Míša Stekl

Perishing from Absolute Knowledge with Foucault, Nietzsche, and Queer Theory


Graduate Global Research Fellows

Year Research Country Awardee Project Title
2022 Turkey Rusen Bingul The Heqî: Customary Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution in the margins of Turkey
2022 India Roshni Chattopadhyay Conciliations at the Margins of the State: An Ethnographic Study of the Majhi System in Contemporary India
2022 France Olivia Cocking Reinventing Citizenship: Race, Gender, and the Everyday Life of Law in Paris, 1919 – 1962
2022 Mexico Alejandro Guardado Building a New World: A Reimagining Catholicism in Late Twentieth Century Oaxaca
2022 Jordan Seyed Hossein Hosseini Nassab The Sale of Debt in Islamic Finance
2022 Brazil Ayssa Yamaguti Norek
Same Prisons, Different Methods: Gender, Political Prisoners and Penitentiaries in the Brazilian Military Dictatorship, 1964–1985
2022 Guatemala Hina Raheel To test the effect of a community-based educational intervention on women’s empowerment status among Xinca indigenous women livening in the Xalapam region of rural Jalapa, Guatemala.
2022 Mexico Ursula Rall Forging Urban Communities: The Spatial Mobility and Social Networks of Women of African Descent in Seventeenth-Century New Spain
2022 India Surbhi Shrivastava Shifting standards of care: Health workers’ interactions with birthing women in India
2022 Hong Kong Eddy Yeung Beyond Persuasion and Signaling: Propaganda as Provocation
2021 India Anwesha Das Shaped by the Sea: Situating the Coast of Gujarat in the Medieval Indian Ocean
2021 Ethiopia Cheng Liu Cultural transmission and lithic variability in the Later Stone Age Gona, Ethiopia
2021 India Kanika Sharma Beyond Access: Women’s Experiences of Healthcare in Rural India
2021 Brazil Rebecca Shasanmi Intersectionality, Nursing Workforce and Mental Health: Focusing on COVID-19 Response in Brazil
2021 China Yumin Wang Mass Political Consequences of Partial Redistribution - Evidence from China
2021 United Kingdom Anjuli Webster Fluid Empires: Environment, Sovereignty, and Enclosure in southern Africa
2020 Rwanda/Italy/Belgium Georgia Brunner  Cultivating a Nation: Gender and the Political Economies of Nationalism in Late Colonial Rwanda
2020 Lebanon Peter Habib Syrian Navigation and Establishment of Systems of Refuge in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley
2020 Costa Rica Sarah Kovalaskas Between Group Competition and Within-group Cooperation in Wild Capuchins (​Cebus capucinus): a Behavioral and Physiological Investigation
2020 Morocco/Tunisia Brittany Landorf Sitting with Lella Manoubia: Gender, Sainthood, and Citizenship in Tunisian Modernity
2020 Uganda Katharine Lindquist Middle Classness and Inequality in Urban Uganda
2020 Ecuador Brigitte Pfluger ECoMiD (Enteropatógenos, Crecimiento, Microbioma, y Diarrea) Neurodevelopment and Behavioral Outcomes Pilot Project
2019 Argentina Pearce Edwards Argentine Military Dictatorship
2019 Rwanda Ian Hennessee Impacts of a Clean Cookstove Intervention on Abundance of Insect Disease Vectors in Eastern Province, Rwanda
2019 Kenya Rosemary Kinuthia Impact of the Human Resources for Health on HIV Outcomes in Kenya
2019 Senegal Xorla Ocloo Sustainable Nutrient Recapture in Agro-ecosystems: Assessing the Feasibility of Azolla spp. as a Biofertilizer, Biofeed, and Biocontrol agent for Vectors of Human Pathogens in Northern Senegal


Global Atlanta Innovative Teaching (GAIT) Grant

in partnership with the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence (CFDE)

Year Awardee Department Title
2022 Lydia Fort Emory College of Arts and Sciences: Theater Studies Special Topics: Theatre and Community
2022 Hong Li Emory College of Arts and Sciences: Russian and East Asian Languages & Cultures (Transition to Professional Nursing) Business Chinese
2022 Mahmuda Sharmin Emory College of Arts and Sciences: College Writing Advanced Writing Workshop (for Multilingual Learners)
2021 Adriana Chira Emory College of Arts and Sciences: History Human Trafficking in World History
2021 Wenhui Zhang School of Nursing Culture, Immigration and Health
2020 Hiram Maxim Emory College of Arts and Sciences: Linguistics Multilingual Atlanta
2020 Joy McDougall Candler School of Theology Global Feminist Theologies: Asian and Latina Perspectives
2020 Pablo Palomino Oxford College: Humanities Soccer and Globalization


Halle-Oxford Global Research Scholars

in partnership with Oxford College of Emory University

Year Emory Researcher Project Title

Deric Shannon

Social Movements, State Power, and the Case of Podemos


Anouar El Younssi

The “Arab Spring/Winter”: How Has the Rise of Political Islam Shaped the LGBT Community in MENA


Jill Adams 

Hiroshima: Visual Culture and Memorial Transmission in Younger Generations

2020 Florian Pohl The Role of Social Capital in Muslim Responses to Mosque Controversies in Hamburg, Germany
2020 Daniel Walter Muslim refugee realities with German language learning in Hamburg, Germany: An intersection of government policy, educational programming, religious community, and personal beliefs.