Collaborative Research Grants

The Halle Institute for Global Research offers nine different Collaborative Research Grants, open to regular, continuing full-time faculty in all schools and disciplines. Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals for innovative collaborative research projects linking with faculty from one of our partner universities. The research may take place in any country or region as long as it is done collaboratively. Upon request, the Halle Institute will offer help creating connections with potential collaborators. Project outcomes may include publications, external funding, and/or other forms of research-based activity.

Collaborative Research Grant proposals are peer-reviewed by faculty representing multiple schools and disciplines. Proposals should be written in clear, accessible language.

Please review guidelines for open applications linked below for additional details and to access the new grant application portal for submissions:

Application Status Deadline Collaborative Research Grant
Open February 2024 April 2024 University of Queensland 
University of the Witwatersrand
Global Perspectives on Race+, Ethnicity+, and Nation+
Closed: Spring 2024 University of Bonn
University of St Andrews
Tel Aviv University
Yonsei University


Questions should be directed to the Halle Institute for Global Research,

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