group photo of 10 undergraduate global research fellows with Halle director

Undergraduate Global Research Fellows


The Halle Institute for Global Research will fund up to ten fellowships to support extensive research outside the United States for undergraduate students in any school (Arts & Sciences, Business, Nursing) doing honors theses or senior capstone projects.

Students who are accepted to or are applying for an honors program or capstone project are eligible. Global Fellows will receive up to $4,000 in research funds from the Halle Institute.  The international research portion of the fellowship will be conducted in Summer 2022 and is followed by mandatory registration in ECS 480, Global Fellows Research Seminar (two credits). Halle Institute Global Fellows will participate in Emory’s vibrant research community of faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars.

The Global Fellows Program will not take place in 2023. Updates for the 2024 program will be posted when information is available.


View list of past award winners and their project titles.

2022 Projects

Sophia Bereaud
Anthropology, Creative Writing
Within and Without the Nation: Polish Gay Solidarity 
Lucia Buscemi
Anthropology, Global Development Studies
The World’s Highest Garbage Dump: The Role of Sherpas as Environmental Protectors of Mount Everest
Isabel Coyle
History, Economics
Immigration and assimilation: How economics, demographics, and racism shaped French immigration policy during the 1960s and 70s
Nicole Felix-Tovar
Anthropology, Human Biology, Human Health 
The COVID-19 Pandemic amidst Protests in Colombia: Lived Experiences, Attitudes, and Perspectives of Colombians
Edina Hartstein
The British Empire's Influence on The League of Nation's Trafficking Protocol

Kendall Hauerwas
History, Economics, Math
The Grunwick Strike and the Politics of Organized Labour

Ruth Korder
Human Biology, Anthropology
Mapping Genetic Diversity Within Ecuador Through the Sequencing of Ancient Ecuadorian Genomes

Justin Li  
Culture and Prestige in Taiwanese Public School Lunches

Danielle Mangabat
Human Biology, Anthropology
Resisting Colonial Legacies: An Assessment of Decolonial Practices and Attitudes in the Philippines through Reproductive Health Movements
Jeffrey Rosen
English, Art History
Nostalgia and Performance in the works of Virginia Woolf and Édouard Manet
Caleb Sanders
Philosophy, Politics, and Law
The Utility in Surveillance: Revisiting a Foucauldian Account of Bentham’s Panopticon and Other Unpublished Works