Grant Recipients

The Halle Institute for Global Research fosters and supports global research opportunities for faculty and students. The participants in our programs and their wide variety of projects help illustrate the broad scope of our mission to ensure that global research opportunities are available to all nine Emory schools and to all disciplines.

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Collaborative Research Grants

São Paulo State Research Foundation (FAPESP) Collaborative Research Grant

Year Emory Researcher FAPESP Researcher Title of Proposal
Raul Nogueria, Emory School of Medicine
Adriana Bastos Conforto, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo
Neuroprotective effects of neuromodulation in acute stroke
Eric Weeks, Emory College Department of Physics
René Alfonso Nome Silva, UNICAMP
Rotational Diffusion in Two-Dimensional Colloidal Glasses
2017 Nicole Gerardo, Emory College Department of Biology

André Rodrigues, São Paulo State University, Rio Clara

Parasite in ant gardens: exploring hostparasite interactions in fungus-farming ants
2017 Vicki Hertzberg, Emory Woodruff School of Nursing Maria T. Zanetta, University of São Paulo School of Public Health A university exchange plan to develop a common protocol for studying acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease incidence and prevalence among agricultural workers in Florida, US, and São Paulo, Brazil
2016 Brian Dias, Emory School of Medicine and Yerkes National Primate Research Center Newton Canteras, University of São Paulo Neuroepigenetic mechanisms underlying intergenerational inheritance of negative emotional states
2016 Raymond Schinazi, Emory School of Medicine, Emory Center for AIDS Research, Yerkes National Primate Research Center Suzanne Kioko Ono, University of São Paulo Discussion of research projects involving chronic hepatitis B and C antiviral treatment
2015 Thomas Rogers, Emory College, Department of History, and Michael Page, Emory College Department of Environmental Sciences and the Center for Digital Scholarship Maximiliano Menz, Federal University of São Paulo Mapping São Paulo: A University Exchange to Plan a Digital Atlas for Urban Spatial History
2015 Uriel Kitron, Emory College Department of Environmental Sciences, and Ana Teixeira, Emory College Department of Spanish and Portuguese Lincoln Susedek, Butantan Institute and Museum of Public Health Mosquitos and Disease in the City: A Study of Public Health and its Representation in São Paulo, Brazil


Yonsei University Collaborative Research Grant

Year Emory Researcher Emory School Yonsei Researcher Project Title
2019 Yang Liu Rollins School of Public Health Jhoon Kim The Impact of Transboundary PM2.5 Pollution from China to South Korea: A Satellite View
2019 Michael Page Emory College Youn-ah Kang Towards a Visual Analytics Approach to the Historical Mapping of Cities
2019 Karen Rommelfanger School of Medicine So Yoon Kim Incorporating Cross-cultural Methodologies for Global Neuroethics Education: A Pilot Project
2018 Peter Roberts  Goizueta Business School Semee Yoon Specialty Coffee and Sustainable Economic Development: Connecting Roasters and Consumers to Farms and Cooperatives
2018 Eri Saikawa  Emory College Jinkyu Hong Uncertainty Quantification of Air Pollution  Modelling in East Asia
2018 Dong Moon Shin School of Medicine Soonmyung Paik Molecular Characterization and Treatment of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC) Patients with Diverse Ethnic Background
2018 Young-sup Yoon  School of Medicine Seung-Woo Cho Direct Cellular Reprogramming for Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering


URC-Halle International Research Awards

in partnership with the University Research Council (URC)

Year Awardee Project Title
2019 Scott Kugle Singing Submission: Understanding Qawwali, the Sufi Music of India
2019 Sergio Moya The Logic of Sensationalism: Approaches to Art and Death in the Americas
2019 Ellie Schainker Rites of Empire: Jewish Religious Reforms in Imperial Russia, 1850-1917
2018 Laura Emmery A Study in Sketches: Compositional Process in Elliott Carter's String Quartets
2018 Danielle Jung Improving Institutional Performance and Reducing Election Fraud in Afghanistan
2018 Yang Liu Evaluating Satellite-based PM2.5 Air Quality Models in Urban East Asia
2018 Walter Melion Motus mixti et compositi: The Portrayal of Mixed and Compound Emotions in the Visual and Literary Arts of the Low Countries, 1500-1640


Fulbright Distinguished Chairs

Year Fulbright Commission Visiting Scholar Emory Department
Spring 2020 Brazil Pedro Duarte Spanish & Portuguese
Spring 2020 Korea Miseong Woo Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Spring 2019 Brazil Daria Jaremtchuk Art History
Fall 2018 Brazil Ruben Oliven Anthropology
Fall 2017 Brazil Benito Schmidt History


Undergraduate Global Research Fellows

in partnership with the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry

Year Research Country Awardee Project Title
2019 South Korea Mary Bohn Rightful Citizens vs. Exotic "Other": Contradictions and Liminality in Seoul's North Korean Defector Community
2019 Morocco Rizky Etika Moroccan Architectural Influences in the Fox Theatre
2019 China/Burma Junyi Han From Soldiers to Refugees: The Chinese WWII Veterans in Burma
2019 Brazil Aleksei Kaminski Institutions and Marginalization: A Discourse in Shifting Voting Behavior in Brazil
2019 Australia Rachael Lewis Understanding the Connection between Mental Health and Malnutrition of Indigenous Children in Australia and the South Pacific
2019 South Africa Penny McElwee Childhood in Black and White: A Cross-Cultural, Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Prenatal Depression on Child Development
2019 France Sophia Minnillo Relation between Oral Proficiency and Course Level: An Investigation of French Second Language Acquisition in American Undergraduate Courses
2019 Israel Xavier Sayeed Contemporary Israeli Andalusian Orchestra of Ashdod, which Recreates Judeo-Arabic Music Originating in Medieval Andalusia, Spain
2019 Russia Kira Tucker Poems without a Hero: A Comparative Analysis of Aesthetic Production Amid the Absurd in the Poetry of Anna Akmatova and Natasha Tretheway
2018 Brazil Christopher Batterman A Brazilian Opera in Italy or an Italian Opera in Brazil? Considerations on Carlos Gomes’ II Guarany (1870)
2018 Israel & United Kingdom Beatrix Conti The Sassoon Family: From Essential Outsiders to Insiders of Empire
2018 Brazil Daniella Gonzalez Defining Family Planning in a Healthcare Clinic of São Paulo
2018 Brazil Alexandra Llovet Stigma Continuity of Leprosy in Brazil
2018 Belgium Cana McGhee Language Landscapes: Symbolism, Mélodie, and Using French in the Fin-de-siècle
2018 Greece Camila Reed-Guevara Seneca’s Stoicism:  The Ancient Case for the Unethical Nature of Slavery and the Divine Right to an Education
2018 United Kingdom Zachary Shuster Rashi’s Influence on Nicholas of Lyra and the Wycliffite Translations of the Psalms
2018 France

Míša Stekl

Perishing from Absolute Knowledge with Foucault, Nietzsche, and Queer Theory


Graduate Global Research Fellows

Year Research Country Awardee Project Title
2019 Argentina Pearce Edwards Argentine Military Dictationship
2019 Rwanda Ian Hennessee Impacts of a Clean Cookstove Intervention on Abundance of Insect Disease Vectors in Eastern Province, Rwanda
2019 Kenya Rosemary Kinuthia Impact of the Human Resources for Health on HIV Outcomes in Kenya
2019 Senegal Xorla Ocloo Sustainable Nutrient Recapture in Agro-ecosystems: Assessing the Feasibility of Azolla spp. as a Biofertilizer, Biofeed, and Biocontrol agent for Vectors of Human Pathogens in Northern Senegal


Global Atlanta Innovative Teaching (GAIT) Grant

in partnership with the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence (CFDE)

Year Awardee Department Title
2019 Hiram Maxim Emory College: Linguistics Multilingual Atlanta
2019 Joy McDougall Candler School of Theology Global Feminist Theologies: Asian and Latina Perspectives
2019 Pablo Palomino Oxford College: Humanities Soccer and Globalization