group photo of 10 undergraduate global research fellows with Halle director

Undergraduate Global Research Fellows

The Halle Institute for Global Research will fund up to ten fellowships to support extensive research outside the United States for undergraduate students in any school (Arts & Sciences, Business, Nursing) doing honors theses or senior capstone projects.

Students who are accepted to or are applying for an honors program or capstone project are eligible. Global Fellows will receive up to $4,000 in research funds from the Halle Institute.  The international research portion of the fellowship will be conducted in Summer 2021 and is followed by mandatory registration in ECS 480, Global Fellows Research Seminar (two credits), and a concluding public forum organized by the Halle Institute in collaboration with the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry (FCHI) where access to shared office space is available during the Fall 2021 semester. Halle Institute Global Fellows are expected to participate in Emory’s vibrant research community of faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars.

Details and more:

Friday, February 26, 2021 is the deadline for the submission of applications. Please see our website for full details. There will be an information session via zoom scheduled in late January but interested applicants are encouraged to reach out before then with any questions.

Questions? Please contact:

Kelly Richmond Yates, Associate Director, Halle Institute for Global Research:

View list of past award winners and their project titles.

2020 Projects

Tara Djukanovic
International Studies and Philosophy, Politics, & Law 
Blurring The Line: How Migration Impacts Existing Inter-Ethnic Relationships In Serbia
Jiarong (Vincent) Fan
Media Studies and East Asian Studies
The Hanfu Movement In China: Cultural Renaissance And Renovated Fashion
Nayive Gaytán
Spanish and History  
Tourism And A Telenovela: Representations Of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico
Maddie Haden
Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies and Human Health  
Borders To Health: Socio-Health Dynamics Within The Sub-Saharan Migrant Communities In Morocco
Christie Jones
Environmental Sciences 
Land-Use As A Factor In The Re-Emergence Of Rabies In Costa Rica
Faith Kim
Art History 
Monumental Interplays: How Virtual Encounters Affect Understandings Of The Voortrekker Monument And Freedom Park In South Africa

Shreya Pabbaraju
Political Science And English And Creative Writing                                                                                    Partitioning Body And State: How Nationalism, Religiosity, And Gender Affect Public Opinion Toward Violence Against Women In India

Kassie Sarkar
Interdisciplinary Studies
Where Do I Fit: Stories Of Racial Identity, Resistance, And Community Belonging In Biracial South Asian Americans