2021 Undergraduate Global Fellows Call for Proposals

Undergraduate Global Research Fellowship

Info Session: Thursday, January 21, at 2:00 p.m.  


2021 Funding Cycle

The Halle Institute for Global Research will fund up to ten fellowships to support extensive research outside the United States for undergraduate students in any school (Arts & Sciences, Business, Nursing) doing honors theses or senior capstone projects.

Students who are accepted to or are applying for an honors program or capstone project are eligible.  Global Fellows will receive up to $4000 in research funds from the Halle Institute.  The international research portion of the fellowship will be conducted in Summer 2021 and is followed by mandatory registration in ECS 480, Global Fellows Research Seminar (two credits), and a concluding public forum organized by the Halle Institute in collaboration with the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry (FCHI) where access to shared office space is available during the Fall 2021 semester. Halle Institute Global Fellows are expected to participate in Emory’s vibrant research community of faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars.

Note:  If Emory University pandemic-related travel restrictions prevent international research, Global Fellows will conduct research virtually.



  • Attend two pre-departure orientation sessions in Spring 2021.
  • Register for ECS 480 for Fall 2021.


  • Provide WhatsApp reports on a regular basis while conducting international research and participate in creating a community with the other Fellows while abroad.
  • Provide photos and a one-to-two-page narrative about the project to be shared on the Halle Institute’s website and social media platforms.

FALL 2021

  • Please read the 2020 syllabus Fall Seminar
  • Participate in the 2-credit Global Fellows Research Seminar in Fall, 2021. Fellows will be expected to submit drafts, read and provide feedback on their cohorts’ work, and participate in active sessions designed to strengthen their projects.   
  • As part of the Research Seminar, students will attend events (in person and virtually) related to their research. These may be on or off campus and may include the FCHI’s weekly seminar.
  • Present research at public colloquium in late Fall 2021, hosted by the Halle Institute in collaboration with the FCHI.

Research funds will be available for use between the end of exams in Spring 2021 and the start of classes in Fall 2021. The on-campus portion of the Global Research Fellowship begins at the start of the Fall semester.  Global Fellows must submit a completed copy of their honors thesis or capstone project to the Halle Institute. Please include the following sentence in the acknowledgement “The Halle Institute for Global Research provided financial support for the research on this thesis/capstone project.”

Application Details:

Application cover page and budget proposal worksheet may be found here: 2021 Funding Cycle 

Applications must be submitted as ONE pdf to halle.global@emory.edu and include, in this order:

  1. Completed cover page (use cover sheet provided)
  2. Research proposal – 500 words or less
  3. A contingency research plan if travel is not allowed by Emory University
  4. One to two-page C.V.
  5. Confirmation of acceptance or application to an honors or capstone program (an email sent to you by your department and converted to pdf)
  6. Budget proposal (use worksheet provided) and supporting documents, including advisor approval.
  7. Unofficial Emory transcript

A letter of recommendation from the thesis or capstone project advisor should be sent directly to halle.global@emory.edu. This letter should address how the advisor knows the student, the abilities the student brings to the project, the merits of the project and the potential significance of the proposed research.

Friday, February 26, 2021 is the deadline for the submission of applications.

Questions? Please contact:

Kelly Richmond Yates, Associate Director, Halle Institute for Global Research:  Kyates2@emory.edu